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Buying a home?

As a Southern California Real Estate group, we are able to help no matter what stage you are at in the home buying process, and our goal is to make your experience of buying a home as simple and stress free as possible.

If you have found a property and want to make an offer, contact us and we will negotiate the best possible price and terms on your behalf.

If you are just starting your property search, we will assist you in identifying where to look, give you access to ‘pocket listings’ not in the MLS, upcoming listings so that you see them before they go onto the market and advise you on everything that needs to be done prior to finding your property.

If you’re a first time home buyer, don’t worry, we will guide you through the process. Every first time home buyer we have worked with has asked a question that began with “This is probably a really dumb question but…”; we believe that the only ‘dumb question’ is the one not asked, so don’t be afraid to ask us lots of questions.

The Process

After an initial discussion we meet with all of our prospective clients at their home or at a convenient location to discuss our service, to talk through your individual needs, and to explore whether we are the right fit for working together. At this stage we can make introductions to mortgage brokers if required.

Initially, we will gather information about your ideal property and review properties within the parameters of a wider search so that we may narrow the search criteria based on your feedback. This is a tried and tested way of ensuring we quickly learn our clients’ likes and dislikes, so we can hone down to the most suitable properties. It also serves as an excellent real time understanding of the market within chosen your areas and budget.

After our first meeting, we use what we have learned about you to go out and find a home that fits both your needs and wants. We always review every potentially suitable property so as not to waste your time on wholly unsuitable properties.

In order to get you access to off-market ‘pocket listings’ and ‘coming soon’ properties, we require all clients to sign a buyer’s representation agreement with us, and provide a mortgage approval or verifiable proof of funds. The Realtors we work with who represent these types of exclusive opportunity provide this level of access to pre-qualified buyers only.

We continue previewing and accompanying our clients to suitable properties until we have found ‘the one’.

Bear in mind that we will advise you just as often on what is not a good property as one that we believe is.

So, we have found ‘The One’; what next?

It is now our job to negotiate the best possible price and terms for you. Every client has different needs, and so our focus is on the best possible terms for your needs, rather than a one size fits all approach.

At this stage we can recommend tried and tested home inspectors if clients require.

Through your home purchase

The process of sales progression is increasingly taxing due to the amount of moving parts involved in closing the transaction. We manage this for our clients by liaising with all parties and trouble-shooting through the tricky parts, sourcing experts and trades people as necessary to address any issues.

For properties that require work we can recommend and organise quotations for reliable builders, interior designers and most other services required.

We work for and with our clients right up to handing over the keys. 


With most of our clients we find their ideal property and have placed an offer within 6 weeks, however, we work at our clients’ pace; some of our clients like to take a more leisurely approach, while others are working to a tight deadline.

To support all of our clients properly our buyer’s agency agreement is for 12 months. You may cancel your contract with us at any time until we find you the right home, without obligation.


As with all buyer’s agents in California, the seller pays our fees at closing; there is usually no charge to you for our buyer representation.

Regardless of the source of our payment, our fiduciary duty is to only our client (you), not to the seller. We work for you, negotiating on your behalf to ensure you get the best property for your needs, at the best possible price and terms.

Where we work

We cover the whole of Southern California.

Which price ranges?

We work with buyers at ALL levels of the market and previous transactions have included everything from studio apartments to a property located within a medieval castle, with us representing clients from first time home buyers to experienced home owners and investors.

Agent – Client Ratio:

Our team works with fewer clients in order to deliver a higher level of service.


If you’re considering buying a home in Orange County, reach out for an informal chat about how we can help you. Our services are usually 100% FREE of charge to home buyers.

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