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Real Estate Marketing That Works

Did you know that people are more likely to notice a picture of a cute puppy or kitten, or a funny image, than to pay attention to a picture of a home?

This is a widely researched and proven marketing principle, yet most Real Estate Agents just post boring photos of their listings online time and time again that get lost in the noise of the dozens of Real Estate ads we see every day, and don’t get noticed by buyers. Worse still, they often believe this counts as their entire marketing strategy for the listing!

The reality is, nobody will notice the property listing unless you get their attention first. To get their attention and not be lost in the noise of Real Estate marketing they see every day, you have to stand out. To stand out you have to be innovative, different and remarkable.

We were able to get you to this page because we got your attention, then piqued your interest; we did this in order to demonstrate to you that our marketing works. You’ll also see targeted ads from us over the next few weeks to further demonstrate some of our marketing techniques; you may even be questioning “how are they doing this?” a few weeks from today!

Now of course we don’t substitute photos of our listings with images of cute animals, but we do know how to market our listings to make them stand out, to get the attention of potential buyers, and to get them SOLD.

Whether you’re selling an apartment, a beach house, a single-family home, an equestrian property, or an off-market luxury home, we have appropriate marketing techniques for all property types, and no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Our property marketing techniques employ the same principles of sales and marketing psychology that brought you to this page.

List your home with an Agent who understands marketing.

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